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Konnichi wa!!!

Welcome to Chocobos 'R' Us! The site that brings you Anime and Rpgs together~ We are a depot that takes care of Chocobos and other things. We hope you enjoy your stay, and we are open to suggestions!

To start off, at the top of the screen, you should find what you are looking for. Those are the different sections of this place. If you don't find what you are looking for, maybe we don't have enough room~yet, or you missed something important! We are very busy all the time, with all the Adoptee Parents and all, but we make time for your comments/questions that you may have. Please e-mail us if you are adopting or have any suggestions. We don't have everything here, but we have what anime/rpg fanatics like in general!

Once again we hope you enjoy your stay, and each week we will be adding onto our depot, so keep checking back! And don't forget to visit our great links either! We pick ONLY the best for all our guests!~



Hey, I know how much everyone loves Final Fantasy Series, and everyone knows who Chocobos and Moogles are, right? Well as a special treat for all FF fans, I inserted the Chocobo Racing Arena! Here you can bet on your favorite Chocobo and see if they win! It's one of the many games we have here at Chocobos 'R' Us!! ^^

When you see the sign below, that means the part of Depot is under Moogle Construction!



If you are lost or want to find a specific place, always look at the directory!! This is the main-center part of the site. This is where we give you the general about what's happening. We fill you in on the details. To your left you will see the *Special of the Week*. That is what maybe new, popular, or just the pick for the week. Every week it will change. It varies from games, contests, parts of the site, or suggestions. It can be anything!!!

To your right, you may notice some links. We only pick the best, so you know you're getting quality material. The links can be to different levels of the depot, or links to different sites (which of course are fabulous)! If you would like to contact some one that works in the depot, you will look for the phrase "Email any ___ to ___". Of course the blanks will be filled in!~ Sometimes we hold contests, and need to contact the winners, so when you enter, you might have to fill in your email, but don't worry, we won't ask for anything too personal.

At the top of the screen, we have the levels of the site. If you are looking for an Anime/Rpg in particular, it will be up there. If it is not, we simply don't have it yet or we don't have enough room ~yet! Just click on any of the names to be teleported to the level of the depot.

Thank you for taking your time to look at the directory! And we hope you have a very good time here at Chocobos 'R' Us!!!!~ Come Again Soon! =^.^=


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